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How to Join the Executive Council

During Spring/Summer of each year, ACCA starts calling for nominations for ACCA Executive Council positions starting July 1 of the following year.  Those nominated must be unified members of ACCA and ACA.  For questions about serving or to submit a nomination, please contact the current President, Janelle Johnson

Cycle of calls for nominations:

Summer 2021:

ACCA President-elect


Governing Council Representative

Executive Council Member-at-Large; Community or Technical College

Summer 2022:

ACCA President-Elect


Executive Council Member-at-Large; Graduate Students and New Professionals

Summer 2023:

ACCA President-Elect


Executive Council Member-at-Large; Professional Advocacy

Terms of office:

President-elect: 3 year term (one year as President-elect, the second as President, and the final year as Past President)

Secretary: 2 year term

Treasurer: 2 year term

Executive Council Member-at-Large: 3 year term

Governing Council Representative: 3 year term

Qualifications for Officers

President:  Demonstrated leadership in ACCA, to include serving as an ACCA Executive Council Member, as an ACCA Committee Chair, or in significant and active state division leadership.

Secretary:  Demonstrated leadership in ACCA, to include active involvement at the state or national levels.

Treasurer:  Demonstrated leadership in ACCA, to include active involvement at the state or national levels, and to have significant budgetary experience.

Executive Council Member-at-Large:  Demonstrated leadership in ACCA, and understanding of the functions of ACCA by having served on ACCA committees, offices, or state college counseling associations.  Graduate Student Member-at-Large must be a student at time of election. Community or Technical College Member-at-Large must be affiliated with a two-year institution at the time of election.

Governing Council Representative:  Extensive knowledge and understanding of ACCA, its roles and functions, and also of ACA by having demonstrated leadership at the national levels.  Preferred qualifications include serving on the Executive Council of ACCA or other ACA governing body.

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