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Graduate Students and New Professionals

ACCA is committed to fostering the careers of graduate students and new professionals who are interested in college counseling. An ACCA membership brings opportunities for state and national leadership, networking with professionals, employment information and support, and continuing education assistance.

Congratulations to our 2019 ACCA Emerging Leaders

Pictured: Left to right: front - Bethany Taylor, Arty Allen, Jessenia Garcia, Minhan Nguyen, Elena Yee (MAL), Janelle Johnson (ACCA president); back - Brittany Collins and Sean Newhart 


Pictured: Left to right: Eleanor McCabe, Victoria Rosa Glover, Kelsey Allen


Involvement & Leadership Opportunities

One of the three member-at-large positions on the ACCA Executive Council is reserved for a graduate student. In addition to the Graduate Students and New Professionals Committee, all of the other ACCA offices and committees are open to graduate students and new professionals.

Professional Development Opportunities

Networking is an important activity for future college counselors and ACCA provides that in spades! State and national conferences, workshops, the ACCA Listserv (ACCA-L) – all provide opportunities to meet with college counselors, exchange ideas, foster mentor relationships, and discover resources. After all, graduate students are the future of the college counseling profession!

 ACCA sponsors the Emerging Leader Grant which covers fees to support attendance at the ACCA national conference; many state divisions also offer assistance to students.

ACCA also offers Research Grants that are open to all ACCA members, including graduate students and new professionals. This could be an important financial resource for support towards your research project.

Job Opportunities

College counseling employment opportunities are advertised by various state college counseling divisions, on the ACCA listserv (ACCA-L), and through following the ACCA Job Board. Feel free to contact the GSNP chair or Member-at-Large for Graduate Students with any questions.

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Be sure to follow us on our social media channels to stay in touch with information on research grants, job opportunities, and find ways to volunteer with other ACCA Graduate Students and New Professionals!

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Upcoming Events

2022 ACCA Conference

Las Vegas, NV
February 17-20, 2022

Developing College Counseling Leaders Monthly Workshop - Register for each date below - session starts at 1PM EST:

January 27, 2022
February 24, 2022
March 24, 2022
April 28, 2022


ACCA is currently accepting nominations for the Executive Council, find the available positions here.

Click here to access the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources

ACCA joins the 4th edition of Health and Well being in Higher Education: A Commitment to Student Success

Through a collaboration of the PAPA Committee and the Diversity and Inclusion Committee a new paper on the Increased Need for Counseling Services has been added to the Resources Page

The HEMHA Distance Counseling Guide has been added to the resources page.

2018-2019 Research Grant Applications are now being accepted.  Follow the link to learn more about ACCA Research Grant Awards

Please note the addition of the College Counseling & Psychological Services Knowledge Base to the resources page.

ACCA Members in the News

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Janelle Johnson comments on the state of mental services at community colleges.

Janelle Johnson on College Counseling” Interview. Follow the link to read the full interview.

Janelle Johnson is quoted in the Inside Higher Ed article Colleges Use Technology to Help Students Manage Mental Health, October 5, 2018.

Lisa Adams is quoted in the Washington Post article College Students are forming mental-health clubs - and they're making a difference.
June 28, 2018

Lisa Adams is quoted in the Inside Higher Ed article Flawed Judgement in Use of Force Against Students.
April 19, 2018

Lisa Adams is quoted in the Inside Higher Ed article A World Without Depression.
April 3, 2018

Lisa Adams is quoted in the Time article Record Numbers of College Students Are Seeking Treatment for Depression and Anxiety - But Schools Can't Keep Up.
March 19, 2018

Lisa Adams is quoted in the Inside Higher Ed article Moving Away from Charging for Counseling
February 7, 2018

Lisa Adams is quoted in the Inside Higher Ed article Suicide Data
January 11, 2018

Lisa Adams is quoted in the Inside Higher Ed article All by Myself
October 26, 2017

Lisa Adams is quoted in the Inside Higher Ed article Suicide Victims as Art Subjects
October 10, 2017

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