Mission Statement

ACCA is an Association for those persons in higher education to include colleges, universities, community and technical college settings, whose professional identity is counseling and whose purpose is fostering students’ development. ACCA strives to support and enhance the practice of college counseling, to promote ethical and responsible professional practice, to promote communication and exchange among college counselors across service areas and institutional settings, to encourage cooperation with other organizations related to higher education and college student development, and to provide leadership and advocacy for the profession of counseling in higher education. ACCA is a division of the American Counseling Association (ACA). “The mission of the American College Counseling Association is to be the interdisciplinary and inclusive professional home that supports emerging and state of the art knowledge and resources for counseling professionals in higher education.”

Adopted by the ACCA Executive Council March 22, 2009

ACCA Diversity Statement

The members of the American College Counseling Association (ACCA) provide programs and services that adhere to the mission of ACCA and that enhance the learning experience for students through the promotion of social justice, community development, civility, and stewardship. ACCA recognizes that multidimensional diversity enriches the campus community and enhances opportunities for human understanding, both of which contribute to the collegiate experience for all. Therefore, we pledge to provide college counseling services that nurture environments where similarities and differences among people are recognized, respected, and honored.

Adopted by the ACCA Executive Council, March 22, 2000

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