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Research Funding Application 2016/2017


The American College Counseling Association (ACCA) announces three research award opportunities for 2016-2017. Counselors and researchers may apply for 3 grants that support or advance the work of mental health professionals in colleges and universities. Those selected will be encouraged to attend the ACCA annual conference and will be asked to submit their results in the Journal of College Counseling and/or as a program in the ACCA annual conference the following year.

The Grants are: 

  1. $1000:  This funded research grant is designed to recognize, honor and financially support individuals who are seeking to complete a comprehensive research study related to college counseling practices. For the 2016-2017 school year we are able to provide an award of $1,000.00.
  2. $500:  These two funded research grants are designed to recognize, honor and support individuals who are seeking to complete a comprehensive research study related to the provision of professional counseling to college student populations and\or to the mental health professionals who provide them. These funded research grants provide a cash award of up to $500.00 each for two researchers. One of these investigations will include counseling at community, vocational, and technical institutions, while the other may focus on community colleges or 4 year colleges and universities. 


 The submission deadline for the Research Grant Proposals and supporting material are due no later than December 15, 2016


The competition is open to professional and student members of the American College 

Counseling Association (ACCA). Practitioners as well as students are encouraged to apply. 

 Individuals may submit, or be a part of a submission team, for only one proposal.  Multiple submissions by any researcher, individually or as a part of a research team, will not be accepted. 


Topics Likely to be Chosen

  1. Topics related to the serving diverse or underserved populations on college campuses 
  2. Topics related to the practice of counseling on community colleges, traditional college campuses, or other higher education institutions  
  3. Topics related to violence, threat assessment, suicide prevention and treatment 
  4. Topics related to the teaching of counseling theory and practical skills courses to new counselors 

 Topics Unlikely to be Chosen

  1. Very focused academic or statistical studies that have little practical application for college counseling 
  2. Studies simply replicating existing research or past studies 


  1. Application Form:  Included in this document (pages 5 and 6). The Application Form is to be attached your Research Proposal. 
  2. Supporting Letter:  Student(s) submitting a proposal must include a supporting letter from a faculty sponsor. 
  3. Research Proposal: Please keep under 5 pages, not including Application Form and bibliography. The Research Proposal should cover the following areas: 

A. Statement of Need: Summary of relevant data or other evidence supporting need for the study. 

B. Background Review: Review of selected pertinent research germane to the topic as specified in the purpose of the award.

C. Research Design and Analysis: Description of the research design and plans for data analysis.

D. Dissemination of Results: Review of how the results of the research will be disseminated. (i.e., ACCA conference presentation, a Journal of College Counseling (JCC) article, etc.) 

E. Detailed Budget: Included in Application Form. A detailed budget of all expenses is required. Examples of expenses might include the following: researchers’ salaries, statistical consultant, compensation for research participants, web services, supplies, salaries for graduate students’ assistance, travel expenses, etc. All existing funding for the project must be disclosed.


Research proposals will be evaluated against the following criteria: 

  1. Appropriateness of the Research: The appropriateness of the research to the purpose of the specific financial support requested (i.e., Grant or Funded Research). 
  2. Quality of the Proposed Research: The required documentation of the 5 Research Proposal sections listed above should be thorough and informative. The methodology proposed should follow accepted practice for research of that kind, and the research, as a whole, should adhere to applicable ethical standards for research with human subjects. 
  3. Financial Need: The budget for the research project seems sound given the nature and scope of the proposed project. 
  4. Plans for Dissemination: The researcher(s) offers a feasible and timely plan for dissemination of the results. The researcher will submit manuscripts derived from their research to the Journal of College Counseling and/or propose a presentation for the 2017 ACCA conference. 


Each of the grant recipients is expected to keep the research committee informed if there is a delay in the proposed timeline and reporting of results. 

 A brief copy of the results will be e-mailed to the research committee chair once the research is complete.  The researchers will retain ownership of all data and results of their research.  The researchers will state their willingness to include an acknowledgment of ACCA’s financial support in all reports, publications, and presentations related to the supported project. 


 All applicants will be notified of the selection committee’s funding decisions by January 15, 2017. 

Grants will be awarded during the February 2017 ACCA Annual Conference. The recipient(s) of the funded research are strongly encouraged to be present to accept the award at the ACCA national conference at which they will be recognized.

2016-2017 Research Grant Application

Proposals and requests for further information should be submitted electronically by email attachment to: 

 Lisa Adams Somerlot, PhD LPC

Phone: 678-839-6428 


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