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2019 ACCA Conference Presentations

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Thursday, February 7, 2019

ATCC - Triage
Clinical Competency in Trauma
Meeting Increased Clinical Demand with a 3 Session Wellness Workshop Series
Anxiety Toolbox Clinician Manual
Anxiety Toolbox Student Workbook 
Getting Unstuck Session 2 
Getting Unstuck Student Workbook 
RIO Session 1 
RIO Student Workbook 
ATCC - Clinic Supervision
ATCC - Group Therapy
Elements of a Successful Training Program in College Counseling Centers
Developing an Animal-Assisted Therapy Program on a College Campus
ATCC - Leadership in Higher Education

Friday, February 8, 2019

Keynote Speaker - Christine Moutier
Seize the Awkward 
It's Real 
Conduct meets Counseling: Conundrum, Conflict or Cooperation?
Short-Term Psychophysiological Interventions in College Counseling
The free-flowing counseling center: A new paradigm for managing high client demand by placing fewer restrictions, practicing less control and offering more immediate and individualized response
Identity Based Stress and Developmental Trauma in African-American College Student-Athletes: Considerations for Assessment and Screening
Race Based Stress and Trauma Screener 
 Finding your ACE Score
Using a Large Scale Outreach Screening Event to Promote Wellness, Connect Students with Treatment, and Increase Counseling Center Visibility
Addressing Non-Suicidal Self-Injury in veteran populations in college
Counseling Our Transgender Students: Clinical, Ethical, and Affirming Intersectional Practice
Bridging the Gap - Identifying and Addressing the Unique Needs of Community College Students Transferring to Four-Year Institutions
A Multidimensional Understanding of Effective University and College Counseling Center Organizational Structures
Human Sexuality Counseling Competency for College Populations: Applying the Life Course Health Development Model
The Technological Self: A Developmental approach to Technology, Culture, and Counseling
Helping the Transition: Understanding the Experiences of Latinx First-Generation College Students Who Transferred from Community Colleges
Peer Impact on Student Mental Health - A college embedded model
Bibliotherapy and Group Counseling with African American College Students
Facilitating Successful Groups for Immigrants and Other Underrepresented Students in Urban College Settings
Shared Supervision: Strategies to promote an effective working relationship between site and faculty supervisors to enhance graduate student intern development
Distance Counseling and Animals on Campus: Ethical and Philosophical Decisions
Wellness, prevention, early intervention and case management support for graduate students: Three models from across the University of California system
How Trauma Impacts the Academic Success of Traditional First Year Undergraduate College Students.
Enhancing Inclusive Counseling Interventions: Understanding the Role of Parents in the Success of Black Male College Students
Growing a Campus-Wide Mental Health Task Force From the Ground Up
From the Ground Up Worksheet 
A Framework for Conceptualizing Social Class as a Diversity Factor on College Campuses
An Internship Primer: How to Set up an Internship Program in your Community College Counseling Center
3A Toolkit:  Supporting Integration and Regulation in Postsecondary Students

Saturday, February 8, 2019

What is all this talk about Mindfulness
Making Connections While Meeting Mental Health Needs of Minority Students on College Campuses
Clients Living with Chronic Health Conditions and/or Invisible Disease: considerations for effective therapeutic work and case conceptualization
A Three Tier Counseling Model in Residence Hall Communities
The Experiences of Latinx First-Generation College Students Involved in Greek Life
"Why Not Our Counseling Center?" Successfully Recruiting African American Therapists, A Pilot Study
Community College Roundtable
CHAT (Creating Healthy Actions Together) –An informal support group for International Graduate Students
Creative Outreach Programming: Single Servings - Treating Students to Wellness
The MOVE Forward program: Applying Acceptance and Comitment Therapy in a group format to increase student resiliency
Tips for Addressing Anxiety From Societal Pressures of Success With Millennials
The Nuance of Mentoring: Your Secret Weapon to Success
Serving Veterans on Campus and their Intersectional Identities
Transgender and Gender Variant Counselors-in-Training and Their Supervisors
The Complexity of Treating Eating Disorders
Wellness and Prevention with Champagne Dreams on a Beer Budget
Advocacy Lunch - Supporting Student Success in College through a Focus on Holistic Wellness
Every Modality Deserves Respect: EMDR and the new possibilites for College Counseling Centers
A Development Perspective on Sleep in Emerging Adults: Interventions for College Counseling Practice
Utilizing Mixed Media to Assist College Students to Process Trauma and Set Positive Strength-Based Goals
How To Create an (AAPI)phany At Your University: Creative Programming to Support Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Students
The Counselor is Out of the Office and in the Classroom: Utilizing Classroom-Based Interventions at the Community College
Unpacking Dreams and Reality: Creative Group Approaches for Students Upon Re-Entry to Campus After Study Abroad
Unpacking Dreams and Reality Handout 
The Impact of the Coach-Athlete Relationship: Implications for Student-Athlete Well-Being and Therapeutic Practice
Leveraging the power of peers in promoting mental health
Self-Care: A Responsibility to Self, Colleagues and Clients
Mental Health Peer Educator Program: Building a Mental Health Culture at a Community College
How to Solve the Rubik's Cube and Learn Mindfulness to Manage Stress
"What Does Your Counseling Center Say About You?"
Peers Supporting Peers: A Creative Method for College Student Advancement
More Than a Sticker. Understanding and Advocating for LGBTQ+ Safe Zone
Out With the Millennials in With Gen Z
An environmental and systemic approach to promoting student resilience: Perspectives from a Historically Black University 

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Destigmatizing Mental Health in Athletes
Introduction to CAS Standards for Counseling Services: Uses for the College Counseling Centers
"The Suicide Paradox": Examining the Impact of Relationships and Mental Health in College Students and How We Can Help
Augmentative Mental Health Services for Former Foster Youth: A Collaborative Effort Between SDSU C&PS and Guardian Scholars
Building Self-Concept with Students with LD: Implications for College Counselors
"Deserving a spot": An arts-based student group model for enhancing narrative diversity of mental distress on college campuses
Lonely Campus Lonely Country
Raising self-awareness and self-examination to deepen cultural humility
Non-Traditional Counseling Interventions: Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguitic Programming in College Counseling
Normal Is Soooo Overrated: Decreasing the Stigma of Mental Health Issues on Community College Campuses
A tale of two initiatives: The Saskatchewan experience with improving access to mental health care

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