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Keynote Speaker

Dr. Christian Chan

The American College Counseling Association is thrilled to welcome Dr. Christian Chan as a keynote presenter at the 2023 ACCA Conference. Christian D. Chan (he, him, his), PhD, NCC is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Counseling and Educational Development at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Past-President of the Association for Adult Development and Aging (AADA), and a proud Queer Person of Color. As a scholar-activist, his interests revolve around intersectionality; effects of oppression and trauma, especially race-based trauma, on counseling, career, and educational pathways; social justice and activism; and communication/socialization of cultural factors in couple, family, and group modalities. Dedicated to mentorship for leaders and scholars, he has actively contributed to over 75 peer-reviewed publications in journals, books, and edited volumes and has conducted over 145 refereed presentations at the national, regional, and state levels. He currently serves as Associate Editor for Teaching and Supervision in Counseling.

Keynote Title:

What Can Intersectionality Teach Us About Healing in Collegiate Environments

Session Description:

The premise of intersectionality has invoked a series of approaches to research, education, public health initiatives, and clinical practices. As intersectionality has exponentially developed across decades with the activism of Black feminist scholars and women of Color, the underpinnings of the theoretical framework translate to collegiate initiatives and well-being at multiple systemic levels. More importantly, intersectionality serves as a mechanism of accountability for college counselors and administrators of mental health initiatives to dismantle overlapping structural forms of oppression that influence the overall well-being of college students, administrators, and staff, particularly stakeholders from multiple marginalized communities. As intersectionality reveals interpersonal and structural insights, Dr. Chan calls for five approaches that can empower college counselors to think systemically, structurally, and historically; attend explicitly to power inequities; and build a sustainable pathway to healing, hope, and rejuvenation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Outline the relationships among intersectionality, public health initiatives, and well-being in collegiate environments
  • Envision practical ways of healing that draw from community-centered approaches, mutual aid, and structural changes
  • Elicit contextual and structural factors that promote the overall well-being of community, professional counselors, administrators, and staff in collegiate settings

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Brett Scofield

The ACCA Conference will feature a second keynote speaker, Dr. Brett Scofield.  Dr. Scofield earned his Doctor of Philosophy Degree from Wichita State University in Clinical-Community Psychology in 2006 and has devoted nearly his entire career to collegiate mental health, working as a clinician and administrator within numerous university-based counseling centers over the past 18 years.  He currently serves as the Associate Director of Penn State Center for Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) as well as the Executive Director of the Center for Collegiate Mental Health (CCMH), a national practice-based research network of over 750 college counseling centers.  Dr. Scofield has played a significant role within CCMH for the past 8 years, contributing to several publications on the topic of college student mental health and helping the Center develop numerous tools that are widely used by college counseling centers nationally to advocate for services.  In addition, threat assessment and management are a particular interest of Dr. Scofield’s, having served on the Threat Assessment Teams at two major universities since 2012. 

Keynote Title:
The Center for Collegiate Mental Health (CCMH) Update: Recent Trends, the Impact of COVID-19, Counseling Center Usage and Academic Outcomes, and the Story of College Student Mental Over the Past Decade

Session Description:
The Center for Collegiate Mental Health (CCMH) at Penn State University is an international practice-research network of over 750 colleges and universities whose mission is to bridge the gap between science and practice in college counseling centers. CCMH collects and analyzes de-identified data as part of the routine practice when students seek mental health treatment at colleges and universities.  The information is used, in turn, to benefit college counseling centers, administrators, researchers, the public, and most importantly the students receiving services. 

In the current presentation, a brief history of CCMH will be reviewed.  The trends in college student mental health, impact of COVID-19, and newly collected information on students’ experiences of discrimination will be presented.  Next, the widely documented increase in demand for college counseling services over the past 1-2 decades and subsequent effect on clinical models and counselor caseloads will be discussed.  Finally, the risk and protective factors associated with student withdrawal from school during counseling will be outlined, including the implications for advocacy and policy. 

Learning Objectives:

This workshop is designed to help you:

  1. Explain the most recent college student mental health trends. 
  2. Describe the short and long-term trends in college student seeking counseling services.
  3. Understand the components of the Clinical Load Index (CLI).
  4. Explain how increases in demand for services have impacted counseling centers
  5. Describe key findings of the 2022 CCMH Annual Report, including the implications for advocacy and policy. 

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