Upcoming Webinar: “Assessing Threats Made with Technology”

October 18, 2013

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"Assessing Threats Made with Technology" Webinar

The ACCA, in cooperation with PaperClip Communications, are presenting a webinar Thursday February 12th. Click here to sign up and join host Brian Van Brunt Ed.D. for this event.

Product Summary

A faculty member is in jail after allegedly posting on FacebookTM that he might climb a campus facility with a high-powered rifle “with a good scope.”

A university student faces a felony charge after friends reported he posted a picture of a bomb threat on FacebookTM.

A college student was arrested following the discovery of threats texted to a friend that threatened to harm a faculty member that gave him a “D”.

These are just a few examples of scenarios that colleges have taken notice of in recent years, as more students and faculty use social media to communicate threats to a larger population.

Today’s technology allows an aggressor to share a direct communicated threat via a text message, website, blog or email. A person may share a FacebookTM status update that creates hysteria in school or campus. Another may post a TwitterTM comment that generates a law enforcement response.

Are you fully prepared to manage, address and respond to communicated threats via text, social media, websites or any other source within your campus community?Have you possibly over-reacted to something posted online in the past?

This webinar will walk you through recent case studies of direct communicated threats and offer guidance in terms of BIT, conduct and counseling response.

Each case will serve to illustrate the central premise of the program: rapid detection and intervention of social media and other forms of leakage must be paired with thoughtful, research-based assessment and management to truly mitigate potential threat.

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