College Counseling Surveys

The results of the 2014 National Survey of College Counseling are now available. Our thanks go out to Dr. Bob Gallagher, who has dedicated his time and expertise to creating these important reports. Note that this is the first time the Survey has included data from non-directors and community colleges; therefore, for 2013 there are 3 reports: one based on data from directors, one from clinicians, and one comparing the data from 2 & 4-year institutions.

2014 Survey

Past Survey Results

2013 Survey, Section 1: Survey of Four Year Directors
2013 Survey, Section 2: Comparison of 2 and 4 Year Centers
2013 Survey, Section 3: Counseling Center Clinicians
2012 Survey
2011 Survey
2010 Survey
2009 Survey
2008 Survey
2006 Survey
2005 Survey
2004 Survey

Campus-Based Practices for Promoting Student Success: Counseling Services

Below is a brief, from Dr. Perry C. Francis, Professor & Counseling Clinic Coordinator, from Eastern Michigan University, in conjunction with Aaron S. Horn, the Associate Director for Policy & Research from the Midwestern Higher Education Compact. The research utilizes national surveys, provides an overview of counseling services, as well as mental health issues on college campuses . Recommended practices are also included to help improve effective practices of counseling services on campus.Download PDF

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