State Divisions

An important component of ACCA is its state divisions. An ACCA-chartered state college counseling division offers wonderful opportunities to network with colleagues, focus on concerns unique to local areas, pool resources for continuing education activities close to home, and support state laws pertaining to professional counselors. The following state divisions have active charters:

North Carolina
West Virginia
New Jersey

How To Form a State Division of ACCA:

Persons interested in forming a state division of ACCA should contact the State Divisions’ Liason, LynnDee Horne. The State Divisions’ Liason can provide details and resources to facilitate the division creation. In general, formation of a state division requires:

  1. A minimum of 15 charter members who belong to ACCA. Exceptions to the minimum number may be considered by the ACCA Executive Council.
  2. Elected officers (president, president-elect, secretary/treasurer required; others as needed). Officers of state ACCA divisions must be members of ACCA.
  3. * By-laws. State division by-laws must be consistent with those of ACA and ACCA and should be presented to the ACCA Executive Council for approval.
  4. Each state division will be a division within the appropriate state branch of ACA. The recommendation of the state branch, if one exists, shall be required prior to the chartering of a state division of ACCA.

Once the state division has been organized and the above activities achieved, the state organizers submit this information to the ACCA Executive Council. The Executive Council will review it and vote on acceptance during an official Council meeting. Once chartered, state divisions are required to submit a roster of members and officers and minutes of leadership meetings to the ACCA Executive Council annually. The ACCA Executive Council will provide a form for this report so that it can be received by June 1 of each year. State divisions may have members who are NOT members of ACCA, but the charter members must be members.

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