President’s Welcome

Are Finals Really Next Week?

Hard to believe that Fall 2011 semester is already winding down. For college counseling, this typically means ramping up to support our students to assist with the increased pressure of this time of the academic year. Now is the perfect time for an update from your ACCA executive board.

We are finalizing plans for the 2012 ACCA conference at the Contemporary Resort at Disney. Our conference theme is bullying. Dr. Colleen Logan is our keynote speaker.  The college counseling certification program will be offered as a pre-conference workshop along with many other exciting programs. Start planning now; we are excited to be in this location and looking forward to spending time with colleagues we don’t get to see as often as we would like!

New by-law changes were posted on the ACCA listserv in preparation for our open membership vote at the ACA conference in San Francisco, March 2012. One addition to the by-laws change is allowing the membership to vote on-line in the future. This will allow individuals not in attendance at the conference to participate in governance. We will also be voting to e our yearly membership meeting from the annual ACA conference to the ACCA conference. Annual ACCA conferences will allow membership meetings can be conducted within our own conference. Finally, a new by-law has been written to allow the hiring of an executive director, and the job description for the director is included here. The review of the by-law changes are posted here.

The Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) has updated the standards for counseling services in 2011. The new CAS standardscan be found under the ‘resources’ tab on this web page . Dr. Laura Dean is our ACCA representative on the CAS board and is the current CAS president. We are very proud to have the first ACCA member (this is true – Laura was the very first ACCA member) as the current CAS council president. If you are planning on conducting a CAS review in your department we encourage you to seek advice and guidance through the Listserv. Dr. Dean and I will be happy to help with any CAS questions.

A membership survey is being distributed through this web page and the ACCA Listserv. Please take a moment and complete the assessment. The survey is seeking your feedback on:  places for future ACCA conferences, available and needed web resources, the executive director position as well as other current by-laws changes.

ACCA is now sponsoring the National Survey of Counseling Center Directors designed and managed by Dr. Robert Gallagher. This collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh and Dr. Gallagher will allow ‘the Gallagher Survey’ to be published in the Journal of College Counseling. We have also been working closely with Ben Locke to support and publish research outcomes from the Center for Collegiate Mental Health (CCMH) . Data collection for CCMH utilizes Titanium software and explores the clinical issues relevant to college counseling. The first publication from the efforts of CCMH is published in the current Journal of College Counseling.

[pro-player width=’320′ height=’240′ type=’video’ image=’’][/pro-player]I have saved the best news for last – We have an ACCA commercial! This is thanks to work of Monica Kintigh, Brian Van Brunt and Sublime Media Group. Please feel free to link this commercial to your college’s website, share with others interested in the field and with colleagues. We are eager to hear your feedback so please post your comments on the ACCA Listserv.


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