2012 NSCC Survey Now Available

October 22, 2012 News

The 2012 National Survey of College Counseling, compiled by Robert P. Gallagher at the University of Pittsburgh, is now available for download. Click here to download the survey in PDF format.

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HEMHA Releases Guide for Campus Threat Assessment/Behavioral Intervention Teams

October 8, 2012 News

As campus teams that identify and monitor students whose behaviors may be troubling have become more widespread, the Higher Education Mental Health Alliance (HEMHA) recognized the need for a resource that would help both existing and new teams make informed decisions about their structure, scope, functions, and day-to-day operations. Therefore, HEMHA has produced Balancing Safety […]

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“Too Many Hats”: Community College Counselors Face Challenges

September 13, 2012 News

Four-year college and university counselors for years now have watched their budgets shrink even as their workloads increase in quantity and difficulty. The same is true for community college counselors – but, as shown by the second edition of an annual survey of those in the profession, they’ve also got a whole barrage of other […]

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Suicide and Depression Awareness Video

May 1, 2012 News

Suicide and depression affect many people, through personal experiences or through the experiences of friends and family. This video, made by the students of St. Mary’s College of Maryland, attempts to break through the taboo surrounding the topic and give hope to all those who are suffering. National Hopeline Network: 1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433) National Suicide Prevention […]

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Mental Health Services Remain Scarce at Community Colleges

April 4, 2012 News

This article from the American Psychological Association looks at the scarcity of mental health services in some community colleges: the challenges that many 2 year/community colleges face. Despite mounting mental health problems among students at community colleges, fewer than 13 percent provide psychiatric services for students, finds a January survey by the American College Counseling […]

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Proposed ACCA By-law Changes

January 23, 2012 President's Welcome

ACCA Members, Please find attached three critical By-law changes that are being proposed at the ACA conference in March during our Membership Breakfast Meeting. One of the by law changes, if passed, will allow us to conduct By-law revisions online in the future. The proposed revisions of the By-laws are highlighted in the attached Word Documents. […]

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2011 NSCC Survey Now Available

January 20, 2012 News

The 2011 National Survey of College Counseling, compiled by Robert P. Gallagher at the University of Pittsburgh, is now available for download.  Click here to access the survey in PDF format.

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Community Colleges Play a Vital Role in American Higher Education

January 13, 2012 News

From the American College Counseling Association Community College Task Force Enrollment in community and 2 year college is at an all time high. According to the US Labor department (2009) about 48% of high school graduates went to college in the early 2000’s. Today 70% of high school graduates attend college after graduation. Community college […]

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Webinar: Student Services Frontline Staff

January 1, 2012 Webinars

Student Services Frontline Staff: Training, Service, Compassion, Care & More

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