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Links for Students and Parents

  • U Life Line
    • A part of the Jed Foundation – provides online resources for students.
  • Half of Us
    • A part of the Jed Foundation in partnership with MTV: provides information and resources for students dealing with a number of issues, ranging from depression to discrimination.
  • Transition Year
    • A part of the Jed Foundation with information for both parents and students.
  • Mental Health Resources for College students
    • Page with different topics discussing the common mental health issues college students face. Has links to each state’s social and health services website. Also, more links with different resources for general information and national organizations/groups.
  • 15 Best Online Resources for College Students
    • A site with different educational resources for students to use: different sites to help write papers, create presentations, etc.
  • College Resources for Students with Disabilities
    • Page that runs through and covers the law and rights of students with disabilities. Also, provides some information about choosing a college, college admission, what to do before starting school, and different programs that may be useful.
  • We Connect Now links
    • A page with many different links to pages answering questions about disabilities, different organizations, different programs, and many resources for students.
  • College Scholarships and Info
    • Information on financial aid and scholarship links for college students
  • Brain Matters
    • Brain Matters is a LIVE weekly radio show hosted by Dr. BJ Guenther, a staff therapist at the University of Alabama Counseling Center. The show airs on the campus radio station WVUAFM 90.7 The Capstone and can be heard live online at on Tuesdays from 6-7PM CST.  The show features topics pertaining to college mental health.  Dr. Guenther interviews guests to discuss such topics as depression, test anxiety, relationships, eating disorders, stress management and many more. Questions can be posed to the show’s address at the Presenter:
      "Brain Matters" Host B.J. Guenther Ed.D., LPC

      “Brain Matters” Host B.J. Guenther Ed.D., LPC

      Dr. BJ Guenther is a Licensed Professional Counselor- Supervisor and a National Certified Counselor. She is a Staff Therapist at The University of Alabama Counseling Center. Dr. Guenther has  also maintained a private practice since 2000. She hosts the LIVE weekly radio show, Brain Matters, which discusses college mental health issues. The show airs on Tuesdays from 6-7pm on WVUA 90.7 The Capstone and online at Dr. Guenther is serving as President of the Alabama Counseling Association, Chapter III 2015-2016. Originally, from Gardendale, Alabama, BJ has been married to her husband, Allan, for 20 years and they live in Northport, Alabama.


Professional Organizations 

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