Graduate Students and New Professionals

ACCA is committed to fostering the careers of graduate students and new professionals who are interested in college counseling. An ACCA membership brings opportunities for state and national leadership, networking with professionals, employment information and support, and continuing education assistance.

Involvement & Leadership Opportunities

One of the three member-at-large positions on the ACCA Executive Council is reserved for a graduate student. In addition to the Graduate Students and New Professionals Committee, all of the other ACCA offices and committees are also open to graduate students and new professionals.

Professional Development Opportunities

Networking is an important activity for future college counselors and ACCA provides that in spades! State and national conferences, workshops, the ACCA Listserv (ACCA-L) – all provide opportunities to meet with college counselors, exchange ideas, foster mentor relationships, and discover resources. After all, graduate students are the future of the college counseling profession!

ACCA sponsors the Emerging Leader Grant which covers fees to support attendance at national conventions (ACA and ACCA); many state divisions also offer assistance to students.

ACCA also offers Research Grants that are open to all ACCA members, including graduate students and new professionals. This could be an important financial resource for support towards your research project.

Job and Internship Opportunities

College counseling employment opportunities are advertised by various state college counseling divisions, on the ACCA listserv (ACCA-L), and through following the ACCA Graduate Students and New Professionals on social media pages. You may also check out this link to find employment opportunities in college counseling:

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