Community College Counseling

Welcome community college/2 year college counselors! Joseph Bednorz here, the Chair of the ACCA Community College Task Force. The special webpage for community college counselors started with the vision from the ACCA Community College Task Force, and thanks to the efforts of ACCA this webpage has become a reality.

I believe that this is an important achievement as college counseling encompasses not only four year colleges and universities, but also community and two year colleges. Many of our concerns at the community college level that we see on a daily basis with students’ are similar to four year colleges yet very different.  I am confident this webpage will serve as a positive way to dialogue about the needs and issues that we as community college counselors face, as we work with our students,  and a means for people across the country to feel a welcoming place that is specific to those who serve as community college counselors.

Join us for on-going community college/2 year college discussions in our forum section of the website. I look forward to talking to you!


Joseph Bednorz, Chair of Counseling-Career Services at Glendale Community College
ACCA Community College Task Force Chair

Community College Survey (2015)

Press Release and Survey Results

Community College Survey (2014)

Press Release and Survey Results

Community College Surveys (2013)

Press Release
Survey Results

Community College Surveys (2011-2012)

Press Release
Survey Flyer
Survey Booklet

Community College Articles

2014 Community College Survey results overview
Survey Shows Growth in Counseling Services at 2-Year Colleges
Mental Health Weekly Article: “Community College Survey – Mental Health Counselors Wear Many Hats”

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