2009-2010 Community College Counselors Survey Results

June 24, 2010

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Download the survey results in PDF Format!


This survey was conducted by the American College Counseling Association’s (ACCA) Community College Task Force (CCTF) for the purpose of gathering benchmark data about common practices for Personal Counseling in our setting.

The survey was constructed using items from a previous year’s pilot survey and items generated from current members of the CCTF. The survey was created using SurveyMonkey.com and distributed to the ACCA’s listserv. Personal Counselors working in a Community College setting were invited to respond. There were sixty-seven respondents for this survey. Narrative responses were compiled and grouped into general categories for easy reference.

The survey was completed by a self-selected group of listserv participants. Participation was not limited to a single representative from each college, so multiple responses were received from some institutions. Therefore, please use caution when generalizing the results of this survey.

This survey reflects the experience and views of 67 Community College Counselors at 54 Community Colleges from 28 different states. Some interesting response highlights:

  • 82% hold Master’s Degrees.
  • 55% hold licensure as an LMHC/LPC or equivalent.
  • 50% are National Certified Counselors.
  • 52% are not required to hold independent state licensure.
  • 67% believe that independent state licensure should be required.
  • 95% have no on-site Psychiatry resource.
  • 60% do not limit the number of Counseling sessions. Range of sessions is 3-8.
  • 75% report having a Threat Assessment Team on campus.
  • 49% describe the intensity/severity of clinical issues, relative to past years, as “Higher Severity”
  • Most common responses regarding utilization of Counseling Services:
    • Ratio of Counselors to students = 1:2000-2500
    • Average number of sessions per academic year = 3 – 5
    • Average weekly caseload size = 6 – 10
    • Percentage of student body seen for Counseling = 1 – 5%

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