Committee Chairs

Get involved with ACCA!

ACCA is currently looking for enthusiastic ACCA members to help move the organization forward! If you are interested in becoming more involved with ACCA, check out the committees below that are looking for volunteers! Simply email the committee Chair to express your interest.

Membership Committee

CHAIR: Malvika Behl |

BOARD LIAISON: Raime Thibodeaux |

The purpose of the membership committee is to encourage membership renewals, and utilize marketing and recruitment efforts to promote new memberships.


Awards Committee

CHAIR: Tamara Knapp-Grosz |

The purpose of the ACCA Awards Committee is to recognize individuals who support and enhance the practice of college counseling.


By-Laws Committee

CHAIR: Raime Thibodeaux |

The purpose of the ACCA Bylaws Committee is to review and update the bylaws in accordance with ACCA Executive Council decisions, as well as, respond to the ACCA membership requests for changes in the bylaws.


Professional Development Committee

CHAIR: Kathleen Douthat |

BOARD LIAISON: Joseph Bednorz |

The purpose of the Professional Development Committee is to contribute to member’s professional knowledge and proficiency through the development and regulation of ACCA sponsored continuing education. An additional goal of the committee is to assist with growing the ACCA membership by coordinating professional development opportunities for college counselors.


Graduate Students and New Professionals Committee

Co-CHAIR: Tanu Suri |

BOARD LIAISON and Co-CHAIR: Gregory Bohner |

The purpose of the ACCA Graduate Student Committee (GSC) is to provide a voice for the needs and concerns of graduate students (and new professionals) within ACCA.


Social Media

CHAIR: Kelly Gentry |

BOARD LIAISON: LynnDee Horne |

The purpose of social media is to facilitate the exchange of information among members, and to provide information relevant to college counseling and to the counseling profession.


Professional Advocacy and Public Awareness (PAPA) Committee

Co-CHAIR: Tabitha Smith |

Co-CHAIR: Theresa Pearlman |

BOARD LIAISON: Joseph Bednorz |

The Public Awareness and Professional Advocacy Committee will seek to heighten the visibility, viability, and functioning of counselors within higher education. The Committee will serve as the driving force and resource of ACA and ACCA for promoting the awareness of counselors in institutions of higher education.


Research Committee

CHAIR: Chris Corbett |

The Research Committee administers the annual research grant awards process. Other projects for the Research Committee will vary with the needs and interests of the President and the Executive Council.


State Divisions Committee

CHAIR: LynnDee Horne |

The purpose of the State Divisions Committee is to facilitate the relationship between ACCA and state divisions, as well as support the establishment of state divisions in those states where one has not been established.


Community College Task Force

CHAIR: Joseph Bednorz |

The Community College Task Force continues to be a strong advocacy group for community/two year colleges. This group administers an annual survey to collect important data about the services provided by community and two year colleges.

If you are interested in joining a committee or just learning more, please fill out the information below:

Committee Volunteer Form

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