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ACCA | Call for Award Nominations

ACCA | Call for Award Nominations

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Please help us recognize deserving members by nominating them to receive a 2016 ACCA Service Award. ACCA has an array of awards available to recognize the contributions of individual members to the association. Nominations for the following awards are now being accepted:

  • Professional Leadership
  • Meritorious Service - Community or Two-Year Colleges
  • Meritorious Service - University and Four-Year Colleges
  • Meritorious Service - Graduate Student
  • Outstanding Professional Contribution to Knowledge or Research
  • Advocacy for College Counseling
  • Director of the Year
  • Counselor of the Year

Nominations will be accepted until December 21, 2016. 

Awards will be presented at the 2017 ACCA Annual Conference. Descriptions and qualifications are available at the Honors and Recognition section of the ACCA Website.



On the following pages, there are sections for the nominator's information and descriptions of the ACCA Awards for which nominations are being sought. Following each description, there is space for the nomination information for that award.

Only one nomination per award is possible on this form. However, you may return to this link as many times as you like, and submit as many forms as you like, to nominate multiple persons for an individual award. You are not required to submit a nomination for each open position or award -- you may leave any of the nominations blank that you wish.

We thank you in advance and encourage you to participate in this very important process. If you have any questions about the process, please contact Amy Lenhart and we will ensure that your questions are addressed.

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