2013 ACCA Awards Nomination Form

June 17, 2013

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A college counselor assisting students in the library.The 2013 ACCA Awards Nominations are now open. All nominators/nominees (except those for the Advocacy Award) must be ACCA members. The deadline for nominations is Monday July 1st, 2013. Download the form here and return it by Monday July 1, 2013. Below are the list of awards up for nomination:

Professional Leadership

Demonstrated leadership in some aspect of college counseling as it relates to the purposes and goals of ACCA, or leadership and contributions to ACCA as a professional organization.

Meritorious Service (3)

Demonstrated service to the profession of college counseling and/or to ACCA; this award will be offered in three categories: community/technical college setting; college or university population under 5000; and college or university population over 5000.

Outstanding Professional Contribution to Knowledge

Demonstrated contribution to the advancement of college counseling theory and/or practice by means of a dissertation/thesis, publication, or scholarly presentation.

Graduate Student Meritorious Service

Demonstrated evidence of meritorious service to the profession of college counseling and/or ACCA.

Advocacy for College Counseling

Demonstrated advocacy of college counseling services or an organization which has made a significant contribution to the improvement of college counseling services; may honor a college president, vice president, dean, board member, or legislator who has made a significant impact on the national, state, or local level. Need not be a member of ACCA.

Research Award

Demonstrated evidence of scholarly work; publication of relevant college counseling peer reviewed articles or papers presented that advance the profession of college counseling. Research conducted should add to the improvement of college counseling services on campus for the practicing professional counselor in a university or college setting. Successful nominees possess writing and publication skills that enhance our field.

Include a brief description of the nominee’s job setting including pertinent demographic information and how the individual’s service has met the requirements of the award.

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